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#11: The power of when, micro famous, bootstrapped funding

By Paul Metcalfe | Feb 23, 2019

Hey, This was supposed to go out yesterday but life got in the way. Sorry! Podcasts for your listening pleasure. Listen if you want to… Leverage the timing of when you do tasks to be more awesome at life Learn how to get micro famous Consider getting investment in your startup Enjoy. Paul Perfect timing The…

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#10: Overnight success, passion for product, racehorses

By Paul Metcalfe | Feb 16, 2019

Hey, Hope your week’s going well. I’ve got 3 great podcasts for you. Listen if you want to… Figure out if passion for your product really matters Scale faster with self liquidating funnels Get better results from your marketing agency Enjoy. Paul Paid ad success Scale or Die: #04: Brian Moran’s secret to paid traffic and…

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#9: Niche to scale, easy copywriting, borrow audiences

By Paul Metcalfe | Jan 22, 2019

Hey, Going to jump straight in…3 new podcasts below. Listen if you want to… Easily improve your copywriting Learn how and why to get on podcasts Hear how niching down to your expertise can accelerate business growth Enjoy. Paul Improve your copy the easy way Social Media Marketing Podcast: Phrases That Sell: 8 Copywriting Tips…

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#8: Call to action, the ONE Thing, amazing content

By Paul Metcalfe | Jan 18, 2019

Hey, Welcome to Thursday’s edition. Here’s a random podcast stat: 19% of people speed up podcasts to get through them faster. I listen to most at 2x and can’t cope with normal speed anymore. Feels soooo slow. Anyway, 3 new podcasts below. Listen if you want to… Get more of the right things done Get tips…

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#7: Better Facebook ads, influencer connections, idea validation

By Paul Metcalfe | Jan 15, 2019

Hey, If you’ve been subscribed to Startup Remix for a while, you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit inconsistent with sending them out. Apologies for that. I won’t bore you with details but needed to figure out how to make this work and whether it was something that people really wanted (great podcast below…

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#6: Seth Godin and 4 Hour Work Week inspiration

By Paul Metcalfe | Dec 14, 2018

Hey, 3 great podcasts for you today. Listen if you want to… Get new ideas for being a better marketer Learn from someone inspired by The 4 Hour Workweek Use what’s working well for HubSpot in 2018 Enjoy. Paul This Is Marketing Growth Marketing Toolbox: 148: Interview with Seth Godin 28 mins What’s it about? The…

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#5: Get better at content marketing

By Paul Metcalfe | Nov 26, 2018

Hey, Another Monday and another 3 podcast recommendations. Every business needs to put out great content but it’s getting harder and harder to stand out above the noise. Instead of following the crowd, follow some of the tips in these podcasts to give yourself an advantage. Listen if you want to… – Get attention from…

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#4: Not another Black Friday Deal (seriously)

By Paul Metcalfe | Nov 22, 2018

Hey, If by some miracle you saw this email in an inbox full of Black Friday Deals and opened it, I appreciate it! 3 podcasts below. Listen if you want to… – Get ideas on cold outreach for your startup – Know why video needs to be part of your marketing strategy – Sell to…

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#3: Eggheads, RankBrain and Building Audiences

By Paul Metcalfe | Nov 19, 2018

Hey, Hope your weekend was good. I’ve got 3 new podcasts for you below. Happy listening Paul Cracking the 2 sided marketplace Indie Hackers: #75 – Escaping the 9-to-5 Grind to Create a $3 Million Business with Joel Hooks of 1 hour 9 mins What’s it about? Interview with Joel Hooks of, a…

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